#WomanCrushWednesday: Meet Brittney Nicole!

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On this installment of the EMP Podcast, we will meet with Brittney Nicole.


I remember a time where I found my only identity in being a mom and wife.

Everything was centered around it; my hopes, present and future were all overtaken by it.

I felt that being a wife and mother was my only calling. My husband and children were my first and only priority.

It wasn't until I was stripped of the title of wife, that I realized that my identity was in Christ.

I am a mother but SO much more. My love can stretch beyond my household into the nations.

I can show hope to the hopeless, I am a friend to the friendless I am a voice to the voiceless, I am the light in the darkness.

I am a child of the most high King and my purpose has no boundaries of Greatness.

I challenge you to look deeper than your family, your 9-5... There is a big world out there waiting for your impact.

Photo Credit: Steve White

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