To succeed use the GRIT Formula

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

G -

Grace, Grit, Gratitude- possess it & own it daily. Find it in all situations- both good & bad.

There is GREATNESS in each & every one of us. Own it ladies! We all possess a special GIFT. Find yours and continue to develop it.


Show & give RESPECT & expect it from others. Get REAL about who you are & about who others are in your life & circles.

Let nothing RUIN your plans, dreams & visions or ROB you of your joy...stay positive!

Surround yourself with the RIGHT people & team to grow to become your best self.

Restore-Release-Remove anything no longer serving you & come back stronger than


Rejuvenate & refresh your life and business on purpose!


IF you don’t have a plan, you have a problem. Be INNOVATIVE. Inspire others to do the same!

Make INTELLIGENT decisions that affect your business, life bottom line.

Remove any INSECURE feelings about yourself and your abilities. Check in with your self-IMAGE- does it reflect what you want it to?


Become mentally, physically & spiritually TOUGHER! Become tougher on the problem-not the people to reach the best solutions.

Think about what you think that working for you or against you?

There is a TIME & place for everything- be respectful of your time & others.

Terminate anything getting in the way of your becoming your best self throughout

your journey. There is no TRY...

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