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SW Living Tips to Enjoy and Embrace the rest of February!

There is so much to love about February. With half a month left, read the tips below so you too can enjoy and embrace the remainder of this month.

  • Be more intentional with your time. Spend it in your most meaningful relationships.

  • Choose to celebrate by doing the work you are passionate. You know, the work you truly LOVE and makes your heart & soul skip a beat!

  • Whether you are single or “booed up”, enjoy alone time with yourself & do the things you love most! Put more fun & “sunshine” back in your world & in your plans!

  • If you’re in a relationship, recreate your first date to rekindle the romance. Put on some of your favorite songs, light some candles, turn on that fireplace & let it burn baby!

  • Read Brandi Iberia Austin’s “365 Days of Loving YOU” guide to discovering & celebrating self-worth. It is a wonderful way to embrace this month’s message! Check it out & get your copy ordered today for yourself & others you love! CLICK HERE to get your copy.

  • Don’t be afraid to share your feelings & emotions with others that are holding you back from builder stronger bonds & relationships. It is totally ok to ask for support along the way.

(Pictured R to L, The Women of Travel Rock Ambassadors Mickell Daniels, Shauna Weatherspoon, Shontina Gladney & Dionne Barnes)

  • Reach out to your family & friends who genuinely care about one another to check in to build deeper bonds. That could be a good old fashion phone conversation, a zoom date or a coffee or lunch date in person-anything that makes you feel good to refuel that human connection we all miss so much will be time well spent indeed!

  • Book a quick family, friend or romantic getaway at

  • EMP Travel Network to get more travel tips before you take off at:

  • Explore philosophies & ideals that may change the world to make it a better place- create a full purpose filled & driven life to create your life more by design-not by default!

Support local initiatives, like our Raising Our Daughters Foundation

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Thank you to our supporters. It is with our work and your help that we fund our annual scholarship commitments to serve girls and women around the globe!

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