Oooh Darlings… It’s That “Steady Love” Groove by India Arie For Me!

On this Valentine’s day this year, my husband & I will be celebrating 22 years of marriage!

When I think about the meaning of the word “love”, so many feelings, goose bumps, beautiful images of people, places, things & beautiful memories made throughout the years come to mind. It’s not just one thing. It’s EVERYTHING! It’s not just being married or being “booed up” with someone. It’s literally like everything in your world that makes your heart skip a beat with passion & joy!

Love connects us. It brings us comfort & provides us with the security we both want, desire & need to keep going & getting back up to do this thing we call “life”.

For this month's edition, I asked my Facebook community to share their thoughts on what the word “love” means to them. As always, my community delivers and so here’s how I summed it all up:

God is love!

Love heals.

Love is a CHOICE.

Love is sharing & cooking a good meal to enjoy together.

Love is between your four walls you share.

Love is your children.

Love is your family & friends.

Love is community.

Love is your passion work.

Love always WINS.

Love is unconditional.

Love forgives.

Love never fails.

Love never ends.

Love always WINS…

If you choose to do nothing else after reading this, do EVERYTHING else moving forward in LOVE!

Choose to LOVE on your family & friends through all the ups & downs life throws at us.

Choose to do something that helps make a difference in the lives of others.

Choose to be more kind.

Choose to listen more with an open heart, mind & ear.

Choose to keep giving it your best to make greater impact in the lives of others you love, serve & care about!

My prayer is for us all this year is to find the kind of love & healing that lifts our spirits up, restores our center & reconnects each of us with the abundant love & purpose of the Universe designed just in mind for you & yours!

That kind of love begins with a little self-appreciation. You have to love yourself too & heal the wounds that you might’ve been carrying around.

You have to give yourself the time, permission & tools required to create that kind of healing.

Know in your heart of hearts & BELIEVE that you are deserving to give love & be loved!

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